Omni's Tabletop Socket Has Many Models For Your Options

Tables and desks found in offices, libraries, conference rooms, and workstations are perfect places for power socket centers. For easy use, omni's tabletop socket is available in different outlets and colors. Either can be with outlets, USB-A or USB-C. 

omni's tabletop socket has many models for your options. They are 2 outlets, 2 outlets 2 USB, 2 outlets 1 USB-A 1USB-C, 3 outlets 1 USB-A 1USB-C, and wireless quick charger models. Do you like to listen to music while you work? Simply clamp the horizontal power/data unit to the side of your desk and enjoy full connectivity to whichever power and data options you have chosen.

Omni's tabletop socket has many models for your options

Tabletop sockets are available in white, silver, and black color. Another customized color can also be available. For a reliable power source and excellent data connectivity with less hassle, Clamp mounted power strip to your workstation today and experience the best inconvenience. Conference rooms, classrooms or meeting rooms generally require outlets for different components. Call Omni and you will find a suitable  tabletop socket