Is Clamp Power Strip with QI Wireless Charger Necessary?

The significance of Clamp Power Strip with QI wireless charger.

(1) Convenient.  

Where is the convenience?  This is a wireless charging and wired charging dispute is the most severe place, in fact, in my personal experience down, the most convenient place is the operation of the connection line.  

Let's take a look at the wired case, how to charge?  

  • Put down your phone.  

  • Pick up the charging cable. 

  • Connect to your phone.  

  • Is  Clamp Power Strip with QI wireless charger necessary?cid=27

Let's take a look at the wireless situation, how to charge?  

Put the phone down.  

From the process comparison above, we can see that the operation of Clamp Power Strip with QI wireless charger is less than two steps, only one-third of the wired charging, which is undoubtedly more convenient in practical operation.  

A lot of people scoffed at the little details, said the operation is too short, no care about, is not like that, we have a lot of science and technology and progress starts from the minor details, such as car shift it doesn't really trouble for driver, but now there are people willing to drive a manual car?  There are very few.  And now, for example, the one-button start on the car and even the start on the car only reduces the operation of several steps, but the promotion is still more.  

After all: it's not the mountains that make you tired, it's the sand in your shoes.  

Is  Clamp Power Strip with QI wireless charger necessary?cid=27

(2) Efficiency

In daily life, there are many charging scenes when we feel that the mobile phone's power is not enough. In the charging process, we often need to pick up the mobile phone to use because of the incoming call or wechat and other content.  That's what happens if it's wired: you pick up your phone and find the distance isn't enough, or it's tied down by the wire.  In this scenario, a charge termination occurs.  And when you finish using your phone, you often forget to reconnect it to the charging cable, causing a delay in charging.  

With Clamp Power Strip with QI wireless charger-iPanda, charging starts as soon as you place your phone in a fixed position.  When you need to use it, you can pick it up and use it at any time.  

The biggest difference here is that to restore charging, wired requires a "find, insert, drop" action, while wireless requires a "drop" action.  

(3) Tidiness.  

This is obvious, the beauty of a Clamp Power Strip with QI wireless charger is certainly more than the bare charging line on the desktop, especially when the mobile phone is placed above, the mobile phone with the bracket is bound to be much more beautiful than conveniently placed on the desktop.