iPanda was All for You

Introduction: Omni Electric Technology Company in China is a technology-oriented enterprise, specializing in the development and manufacturing of commercial power control system. Omni Electric has conducted in-depth research and exploration on the rapid evolution of the office environment in the digital new era. The process and technical standards of 1A+4E, the scientific principles of Architecture, Environtology, Ergonomics, Esthetics and Ecology, are integrated and applied.Created and designed the "Future Has Come" new generation of power outlet (socket) called by iPanda , can be widely used in business, mobile and home office.

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The Voice From  iPanda: The world we live in is undergoing rapid development and change. With the practical application of 5G technology, the new generation of intelligent technology products can only be successful if they fully integrate technological innovation, practical function, cost effectiveness and esthetic value in creative design.

The creative design inspiration of Intelligent iPanda power outlet (socket) comes from the fusion of China Panda classic black and white, and it has become a representative work of "Made in China" power socket. Such creative design is more in line with the image concept of China Panda's ecological and environmental protection.To improve the quality requirements of iPanda wireless charging multi-functional power outlet (socket), to achieve intelligent and ecological environmental protection of the office environment.

iPanda's Declaration: iPanda is All For You.

1. Product Structure of Architectural Principle

iPanda is a new generation of exquisite, strong sense of science and technology power outlet (socket), the creation and design of the structure of the integration of the use of architectural principles of technology.

(1) Appearance Design: The appearance of iPanda power outlet (socket) was tailor-made according to its functions. Compact design is crucial if you want to embed a variety of practical modules in the exquisite-design room .iPanda power outlet (socket) was based on and draw on the principle of the largest volume of the sphere, the whole presents a three-dimensional trapezoidal structure, surrounded by arc lines transition;The length, width and height of the product adopt the proportion close to the architectural gold dividing line, and the structure Angle is also close to the gold Angle.

iPanda was All for You

(2) Module Combination: iPanda power outlet (socket) insertion point and USB point use grid layout, so that each module is in its proper position.The "Aquimi" spiral line with circular arc around the product creatively uses the design of outer eave arc and inner eave chamfering to make the overall three-dimensional structure of the product more prominent, and the lines of light and shade reflect each other to present the beauty of architectural craftsmanship.

(3) Surface Layer Process: iPanda power outlet (socket) products use new flame-retardant ABS material, surface layer processing using a single path of fine grinding process, like the paint texture of the building wall, can not only prevent cutting tool surface, but also can stand against fingerprint .A common pain point in daily life is trying to wipe a fingerprint off the glass of a phone screen, only to add new marks.iPanda power outlet (socket) shell surface with matte sandblasting process, a good solution to this pain point, anti-fouling coating function can ensure that the product stays fresh and attractive for a longer time.

iPanda power outlet(socket) product size, structure layout, appearance and process are fully integrated with the use of architectural principles of technology.

2. Application Function of Environmental Principle

As a new generation power outlet(socket), iPanda integrates environmental technology to adapt to the rapid evolution of the digital office environment.The development of digitization and intelligence forces a large number of intelligent electronic products and equipment to be used in the office environment, which will inevitably put forward the corresponding intelligent requirements for the power outlet (socket)required for the office staff's desktop. iPanda power outlet (socket) integrates the functions and advantages of power outlet (socket) products needed for office space and home office electricity.The smart power outlet (socket) is equipped with two or three standard power outlet (socket) modules:(AC= NeMA5-15R), 2XUSB3.0 +1xType-C(65W) or 1XUSB3.0 +1xType-C(65W), integrated wireless charging module (15W), suitable for laptop and desktop accessories charging, at the same time just need to place the phone on the top panel. It can charge any device that supports Qi, avoid the messy and tangled wires in the office space, make the office desktop neat and tidy, ensure that all the office equipment can be charged at any time, improve the use efficiency of office electronic equipment, and help to create a satisfactory office space.

3. Technological Innovation of Ergonomics

Ergonomics, derived from the Greek words ergon(work) and nomos(law), is the pursuit of comfort and naturalness. Ergonomics is the core and soul of iPanda (Intelligent Panda).The key of ergonomics is to make the office staff achieve a high degree of comfort and harmony on the auditory, visual and tactile experience of the intelligent power outlet (socket) in the process of working, and finally achieve the purpose of healthy office work for the office staff.

iPanda was All for You

From the sense of hearing, the creation and design of iPanda power outlet ( socket) integrates the functions of conventional outlet (socket), fast charge 65W high-power USB charging function and wireless charging function. It is difficult to avoid the current sound from the conventional high-power outlet (socket). In actual use, it will cause a certain noise of the current. Especially, the desktop outlet (socket) is usually about one meter away from the office staff. In order to solve this pain point, iPanda power outlet (socket) is made of special energized reed, flame retardant material is used between each phase line for isolation, and safety design protection, coupled with the creative structure of anti-loose design, to prevent the connection may be loose due to long-term use. Resulting in a large current emitted by the common current noise, this is the conventional power outlet (socket) can not be compared with the process technology.

In terms of visual experience, the creation and design of iPanda power outlet (socket) accurately uses mathematical calculation of three-dimensional geometric scale data, making the outlet (socket)product shrink from the bottom to the top to form a three-dimensional trapezoid, so that office staff can improve the esthetic experience of product delicacy in visual experience. In terms of color quality, "Cool White" is clean and otherworldly. The "cool black" with a sense of science and technology presents a mysterious extreme color, with an overflow of infectious; And the minimalist "black and white" is a classic color contrast in the office environment. Integrating the point, line, surface, body and quality of the product process language elements into one and achieving a balance, the innovatively designed iPanda adds a pleasant visual experience landscape to the office scene.

iPanda was All for You

As for tactile feeling, it mainly refers to the actual experience of office staff using iPanda power outlet (socket) products. How the product operation is easy is the key. iPanda power outlet (socket) design USES a fast installation fitting bracket with fixed office desktop, you just need to turn the knob of the installation fitting to be fixed with office desktop, and be able to firmly installed in any of the standard desktop, without using any tools, office desktop does not need to have more common socket mounting holes, products in actual use to realize the high efficiency operation.

4, The Bionic Creativity of Esthetic Principle

iPanda power outlet (socket)creation and design combined with the use of esthetic principles of the process technology is an indispensable key to the esthetic value of the product. The iPanda power outlet (socket) was originally conceived as a project development concept by the  famous  design master, Tim Wallace. Then Omni Electric research and development team worked hard on the development of new power outlet (socket) products. In order to make the new generation of power outlet (socket) more practical, and forward-looking, Omni Electric R & D engineers use the principle of bionics, in the appearance of the product design divergence of thinking, bionic creativity: The normal insertion holes of the power outlet (socket) is regarded as the attractive eyes of China Panda, the USB insertion point looks like the bright nose of the panda, and the USC insertion point looks like the cute mouth of the panda, forming the creative design of the abstract front appearance.

iPanda power outlet (socket) novel and chic bionic creativity, design is different, with distinctive characteristics of recognition, in the same products appear extraordinary and refined, it is fondly put down. This kind of creative design can let people experience the enthusiasm of design engineers for product development, and realize the unique practicality and foresight of product creative design. That's the esthetic value of the iPanda power outlet (socket).

iPanda was All for You

5. Ecological Principle of Quality Assurance

The ecological nature of the product determines the use value of the product. The creation and design of iPanda power outlet (socket) also uses ecological technology to ensure the environmental protection, safety and durability of the new generation of power outlet (socket) products.

iPanda was All for You

In terms of environmental protection, as a new generation of multi-functional integrated intelligent power outlet (socket), because its top layer, the bottom layer are curved arc, in the use of materials need to be very elegant, so that the product appearance will look compact design sense. High quality carbon steel base frame can protect the product not to be scratched easily, appear "scarred" phenomenon. The product shell strictly uses the new synthetic flame retardant ABS, plus the matte sandblasted shell can protect the inner power module from damage when accidentally falling. The material advantage of the product is to reduce the impact of large impact during the collision process, and meet the IST3A standard (International Transportation Safety Association);Humidity resistance, high temperature resistance can avoid product oxidation, in line with ecological characteristics, greatly improve the service life of the product.

Safety is especially important for the new generation of power outlet(socket) products. First of all, iPanda power outlet (socket) integrates conventional outlet (socket) function, USB-C fast charging function and wireless charging function. And through the UL962A (commercial class standard), UL498 (power product standard), UL1310 (home power standard), UL2738(Safety standard for small wireless charging devices), FCC (Federal Communications Commission electronics), Qi (Wireless Charging Alliance), RoHS and REACH (product chemical testing) and other industry strict Grid authentication and authorization.

iPanda power outlet (socket) also has an efficient charging function, which integrates wireless charging function, USB fast charging function, USB-A power up to 18W, AND USB-C power up to 65W.Through structural design, circuit optimization, and analysis of a large number of test data, the design engineers have solved EMC electromagnetic interference and conducted radiation by stripping and cocoon extraction. Through FCC authoritative experimental testing and certification, the design engineers have ensured that iPanda will not produce radiation effects on office workers in the office environment, especially to avoid radiation effects on pregnant women.

iPanda power outlet (socket) is designed to meet the needs of commercial, mobile and home office use. iPanda power outlet (socket) has a safety device installed in the power outlet (socket)to prevent the occurrence of such incidents in consideration of the occasional case that a minor child may insert a sharp object into the power outlet (socket). The safety device is also tested to ensure that it is effective under any circumstances. iPanda power outlet (socket) with overload protection, overcharge protection and PPS programmable power supply, voltage regulation more accurate, can fully ensure the safety of charging equipment.

In terms of durability, iPanda power outlet(socket) chip uses SW3516 chip, support A+C port arbitrary fast charging output, and two independent current limit. Integrated with 5 a synchronous buck converter support efficient AFC/FCP of PPS/PD/QC / SCP/PE/SFCP/low pressure direct charging has a variety of quick charge agreement.

iPanda was All for You

iPanda wireless power outlet (socket) design configuration of 15 w quick charge ability, independent wireless charging power supply module can provide 18 w output capacity, largest wireless charging by Qi conformance test and compatibility test, the experiment through the market more than 200 kinds of mainstream have wireless charging function of mobile phone recharge test, minimum 5 w to a maximum of 15 w charging efficiency. iPanda power outlet (socket) design with high rate chip, coupled with high power USB, the product working hours will be high temperature rise. Through research and development experiments and technological innovation, we have creatively solved the problem of temperature control and temperature rise, and passed the strict temperature control standard test of UL to ensure the safety of the product in actual use.

In a word, the core of iPanda power outlet socket research and design is the principle of practicability and safety. During the research and development process, the national Electrical Code (NEC) established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) was used as the reference standard for electrical safety in industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Comply with the specifications for electrical wiring and power transmission in a specific area.

Therefore, iPanda power outlet socket is worthy of the new generation of intelligent power outlet (socket), whether it is the abstract creative design of the appearance, the creative design of the internal structure, or the innovation of the practical application function alone. Omni Electric Company is committed to creating more "specialized and innovative" technology products for creating happy working and lives for individuals, families and organizations.

The above information released by OmniMaxUSA,LLC and  Omni Electric Technology Co., Ltd in China.