With power and charging solutions considered an essential requirement in modern office environments such as Conference Rooms, Work-Stations and Breakout Areas, staff are expecting technology that can power both their Work-Stations and personal devices.


On Desk

On desk provides a technology bridge for charging needs in a minimal footprint. Old and new generations of phones, tablets, and other devices are accommodated by offering both USB-A and USB-C charging.

Cable management

In Desk

The only thing worse than running out of power is waiting for devices to recharge. Avoid the wait and low-battery anxiety forever with omni power series. Equipped with industry-leading USB-C Power-Delivery charging technology, outdated spaces can transform into future-proof connective hubs.

Office Power Solution

Under Desk

Undermount gives you the freedom to position the power unit underneath your work surface, keeping it accessible and intentional in design.

sPower of Public Spaces