About Omni

Omni was founded in 2004, is a professional engaged in office furniture manufacturer, located in Yangzhou and close to Shanghai. In 2009, Omni set up a professional design and development team and after-service center in Dallas. Omni Electric was founded in 2015, being engaged in the production of electrical outlets (sockets) for office furniture. Omni is also a leading professional manufacturer of hybrid work for future with main products covering Cubicle, Height Adjustable Tables, Bench workstation, Seating, Power Solution and Office Accessory and so on.

Yangzhou Omni Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
What we do
Omni Electrics are experts in designing and manufacturing power and data distribution solutions. That’s why our products can now be found in commercial office, home office, hospitals, education, hotel and etc ,all over the world
Yangzhou Omni Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
We mould
We mould our own metal&plastic parts in-house. This gives us complete control of quality and quantities which, in turn, has the effbbgbhect of building confidence with our clients.
Yangzhou Omni Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
We design

Our Design director- Tim wallace (personal website: http://www.timwallacedesign.com)

the top 5 designer of Herman Miller, worked more than 20 years, force for flexibility design ahead of time.

Yangzhou Omni Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
We engineer
With a fully equipped Engineering Department, we have the strong ability for  OEM &ODM development, flexibility to be able to respond quickly and effectively to your needs.
Yangzhou Omni Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
We paint
Having our in-house paint shops allows us the speed and flexibility to paint your product quickly and efficiently. We can match any color you choose, allowing you to color your units to compliment your furniture or room.
Yangzhou Omni Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
We test
We test each and every socket! Whatever the unit, whatever the country each socket get tested.
Our mission is to make individuals, families, and organizations have an intelligent ecological work platform, and to create happy working lives for individuals, families, and organizations.
Factory Tour
Q: Where are omni's headquarters?
Omni China-Main production factory and R&D center located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. Our subsidiary brand OmniPower, established in 2008, is aimed at provide the power solution for our office furniture, main products are power socket, control box, wire management system. This enables omnigroup to achieve a highly respected reputation in the commercial office and cable management industry, providing cost effective and innovative service for client.
Q: What is omni's phone number?
Please contact our Marketing Team
Contact Person: Milly Zhang
Tel No.: +86 514 8510 2036
Mobile: +86 139 5279 6137
Q: What is omni's official webiste?
Omni's official website is www.omnidesking.com, mail box: [email protected]
Q: What is omni's revenune?
Omni's revenue is 35 million.
Q: How many employees are working in omni?
Omni has totally 250 employees
Q: What is omni's industry?
Omni is the manufacturer, we are in the industry of office furniture, including table, bench, storage, and power solutions.
Q: What is the main product?
Omni's main products including Desk, Table, Pedestal, Chair, Panel Workstation and Wire management Solution.
Q: How do we help our clients quickly?
First, excellent design capability. omni has a design team of 10+ designers. Their average working years are more than 10 years. Second, marketing supporting, we have marketing team offer the rendering images and marketing set up communication. Thirdly, we strictly control the delivery time to ensure our customers can receive the product on time.