OmniLinker is the Future Office Furniture for You

The youngest group in the development wave of the new digital era is called "Generation Z"(mostly refers to young people born between 1996 and 2009). The "Generation Z"group has a new era of pursuit of growth and development. The inherent personalization, sociality and trend will inevitably initiate new challenges to the evolution of the office space environment and the development of the office furniture industry:


1. More freely and relaxed environment;

2. More autonomous working process;

3. More creative and innovative skills;

4. More touching the value of human nature;


In order to deal with  the above challenges,  Omni Office Furniture R&D team conformed to the all-round pursuit of the new office space of the "future has come" after the "Generation Z" group, and has created and designed a new generation of intelligent functions, and openness. OmniLinker   system  is  a  kind of  new  modular  of intelligent office furniture system that combines shared and collaborative office styles.


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1. Classic Mortise and Tenon Joint Structure


The OmniLinker  system applied  the classic “mortise and tenon” joint structure to freely combine columns, beams, and trusses to form smart office furniture products with more flexibility; At the same time, the OmniLinker  system integrated  the  modular storage space, plus power management  system and the smart conference table together  to show  that the  system has unique functionality and flexibility, and could create a new and creative office space for  the "Generation Z" at their will. It could  also create a space atmosphere that promotes organization and collaboration  being  suitable for team cultural theme activities according to needs.

OmniLinker is the Future Office Furniture for You

The OmniLinker  office furniture system made  use of the concave-convex joint mortise and tenon connection method, plus  the exquisitely designed components jointed together to  be  the  system which  could  withstand huge pressure loads (1.3 times more than the BIFMA standard). The  mortise and tenon joint structure makes the OmniLinker  system not  rely on  the strength of a single component, but adopt  the combination of components and mutual support to assembly a stable office furniture frame system, and complete the connection and fixation of the entire system frame. Being  on  account of   that  "the same model screw" and "a Allen wrench " can be  used  to  assembly  and   resize  , and  the flexibility and functionality of  the system  could  not  be replaced in the assembly process.

2. Enabling Office Space


The evolution of the office space environment in the digital times is closely related to the behavioral habits of the "Generation Z"groups in social, office and life, as well as the profound impact of the epidemic on the social mentality. As a young generation of "Generation Z", ideal and pragmatic, dare to think and to do, pursue  more free and relaxed office environment, and independent working process, and also think  that "work is a way of living"  with desiring  to have a sense of flexibility as  a  sense of life, personalized, intelligent and empowering office space environment.


Therefore, the creative design of the OmniLinker  office furniture system integrated  a streamlined and elegant design, combined modular functions and intelligent functions. Thereby improving the new pattern of office environment in the new era, building up  an office space environment that is both dynamic and flexible, which can adapt to the constantly changing work space of the enterprise at any time and meet the needs of different office personnels.


The intelligent functions of the OmniLinker  office furniture system can be linked to mobile phones, tablets and computers through the original APP to get into  the cloud data management of the office space. The dynamic data collection and application of the office space make the office space more Personalization with  considering  to balance the interaction between the office staff's independent activities and the office environment, and empowering  the ability to create value for the "Generation Z"work.

OmniLinker is the Future Office Furniture for You

3. Smart Ergonomics


Ergonomics is the core and soul of office furniture. In order to innovate and design a new generation of office furniture products that fully conform to the standards of ergonomics, the creative design of OmniLinker  office furniture system  was evaluated  based on  the factors related to "Generation Z" various considerations, such as social preferences, work and life behavior habits, human body-related size data, as well as the human body’s fatigue response in the working state, including  the human body’s hearing, vision, and tactile ergonomic experience.


In terms of auditory perception, the creation and design of the OmniLinker  office furniture system  was done with paying attention to that  how to effectively block people-to-person conversations in the office, telephones, computer keyboards and other office equipment intertwined noise problems.  That the design and application have sound-absorbing functions such as the "upholstery divider screen" to make  the quietness of the office space  can make office staff feel at ease at work and focus more on work.


Being  smart to balance the open and private spaces,and by combining the " upholstery divider screen " directly opposite the design workstation with the return screens on the left and right of the workstation, the multi-person combined workstation is set up while having a space for individual independent office. Especially in the post-epidemic era, the upholstery divider screen design between workstations not only brings the experience of visual transformation and the distance  change of office staff, but also comes up with  a certain sense of office safety and social distance.

OmniLinker is the Future Office Furniture for You

In terms of tactile perception, "Generation Z" pay special attention to healthy office work. Sitting for a long time in the lumbar and cervical spine will be uncomfortable, prone to work fatigue, and even have a negative impact on health. The OmniLinker  office furniture system was designed  with fully considering  the measurement values of various ergonomic data of the  "Generation Z" in the height size setting. Office staff  at work can use the intelligent functions of the product to adjust to be a suitable height according to their needs, realizing   the working mode of "sit and stand alternately, free switching", while creating a comfortable and warm experience in the office environment, avoiding the monotony of the office, and truly empowering office vitality.


4. Aesthetic Design with a Sense of Science and Technology


The working model  in the digital times  are becoming increasingly diversified and no longer a single  way , but the  permanent  office space is still an information hub  that connects mobile office, home office, and remote office. Therefore, an office space with information interaction functions must pursue the application of creative design products with a sense of science and technology.


The creation and design of OmniLinker  office furniture system makes use of esthetic principles and technology, focusing on the streamlined creative design of the product,  that is  such as  desktop shape, socket shape, partition shape, table frame appearance, and lifting columns and feet, all of  the above  main components  modeling are all based on the streamlined creative design, turning  into  a scientific and technological system product modular.


In the experience of using office furniture, the "Generation Z" pay attention to a more concise and more contemporary “light luxury” style, which is closely connected with the new times  in which they live and grow, and it also reflects the young generation’s pursuit of dignity in work and life, including  highly  recognizing  from  their  organization.

OmniLinker is the Future Office Furniture for You

In terms of the visual perception of "light luxury style", the"Generation Z" group prefers a minimalist style with a natural sense of high quality and a sense of harmony and symbiosis. The creation and design of OmniLinker  office furniture system followed  the classic “Less is more” principle. The streamlined style is mainly suitable for  t he office space environment of minimalist style, new Chinese style, modern industrial style and technological style.


5.Sophisticated Ecology


In terms of environmental protection, in order to reduce the waste disposal cost caused by discarded office furniture in the future, OmniLinker  office furniture system products are designed to maximize the use of easy-to-produce, recyclable, non-polluting, low-energy, and degradable raw materials.The Manufacturing of the products  not only meets the safety standards of China, the United States and Europe, but also meets the environmental protection standards of California Act No. 65. (non- use or contain harmful substances).


In terms of safety, in order to avoid the risk of high temperature and fire caused by concentrated high-frequency electricity in the office environment, OmniLinker  office furniture adopts an international commercial standard power management  system, and its power management  system conforms to China’s 3C standards. It also complies with American UL, Canadian CSA, and European TUV safety standards.


In terms of durability, the main frame of OmniLinker  office furniture system products are made from  high-grade standard carbon steel materials. The use of high-grade carbon steel materials ensures the service life of the product. OmniLinker  office furniture products have passed the international standard "product aging" experimental test, and the service life can be as high as 5-10 years. The longer the service life of the product, the lower the cost of use; conversely, the shorter the service life of the product, the higher the cost of use.

OmniLinker is the Future Office Furniture for You

6. Exquisite Use Value


The OmniLinker  office furniture system pays attention to the "5 GAO" in Chinese as in English as “5HIGH” parameter standards in the creation and design of the office furniture system, which is referred to as the 5G standard in short.


In terms of high-safety user experience, the unique "mortise  and tenon  joint  structure" of the OmniLinker  office furniture system makes the stability of the overall system in full compliance with the international standards of the office furniture industry (BIFMA standards), and adopts international commercial applications to comply with the United States UL, Canadian CSA, European TUV safety standard power management system.


In terms of high-efficiency user experience, the first is the high efficiency of the flexible combination of products and the rapid adjustment of space planning. The OmniLinker  office furniture system uses an independent single table as the basic unit  to achieve  the adjustment and change of furniture combination with a Allen wrench ; The system  can be applied to mobile office, home office, and office use in other scenarios; the configured mobile power management and control system can adapt to changes in the adjustment of office furniture combination, and is not affected by the office space Conventional power ground plug and wall plug point restrictions.


In terms of high comfort experience, from the perspective of office space layout, OmniLinker  office furniture system in the office space can be used as a single seat, double seated in front of each other, or in a staggered position including the mode of cluster separation. In terms of actual use comfort, OmniLinker  intelligent lifting and lowering operation hearing parameters are not higher than 48 decibels; the overall product's brightness radiation parameters in the office space environment reach the health and safety standard of 35 degrees; In terms of operating tactile experience, the intelligent adjustment function switching speed is fast (the lifting height switching interval 650-1250MM only takes 8 seconds); the realization and application of the intelligent "table and chair linkage" (national patent number: ZL2019205361112) automatic lifting adjustment function, This makes the actual use of the product significantly improved the operating efficiency, sitting and standing alternately as you like, not only office is more  comfortable, but also to avoid the harm to human health caused by sitting for a long time.

OmniLinker is the Future Office Furniture for You

In terms of high-empowerment experience, the  "light luxury style" of the OmniLinker  office furniture system is a higher-performance  design with a distinctive design tone, which can bring a relaxed, happy, positive and healthy psychological experience to office staff , The sense of science and technology of the product is more conducive to stimulating outstanding creative thinking and work inspiration of office staff.


In terms of high-ecological user experience, once OmniLinker  office furniture system has been promoted and launched,  then  mainstream customers in European and American countries  competed  for sales as an agent. In fact,  WeWork in USA and in Europe , Chase Bank of America , Sydney Opera House, Mumbai World Trade Center and other projects have actually used OmniLinker  system products. The high level user satisfaction and high frequency repurchase rate truly verified the high level of products. Ecological.


In short, Omni  office furniture adheres to the mission of "to create  for  individuals, families, and organizations to have an intelligent and ecological working platform", and persistently takes "professionalization , refinement , specialization and invvotation  " as the target criterion for product development, and innovatively designed  OmniLinker   Smart office furniture system can not only meet the healthy life and office needs of the "Generation Z" , which  is also a new form of smart office furniture system product for the new office space of the "future has come".