Tabletop Socket for office solution

Desktop socket is a kind of multiple functional socket that can be installed on the desktop, generally including a variety of equipment jacks, and has strong practicality in some specific places. Omni had also made lots of sockets for the office solution.

The designed tabletop socket can be installed on any table because of the compact structure of the patch board, which is not only easy to use , but also has a good transmission effect. In addition, compared with ordinary wall sockets and row plugs, this kind of socket is cleaner and more beautiful.


Now basically every office, especially the conference room, will install the desktop socket, mainly for the convenience of meeting to the computer, screen and other need to connect the power equipment for charging. Because in the meeting room and other places to use a lot of types of electronic equipment, so the tabletop socket needs to be able to computer, telephone, power, and other interface services.

The common in-office desktop socket is actually more than one kind, three holes with sockets of different types. So normally the desktop outlets, would have two types.


1. Pop socket

This kind of socket is composed of the zinc face plate and iron box, the exterior has a round edge and straight edge two kinds, cover face ply can change according to a specific model, on color, also have flash silver, arenaceous black, pull silk nickel a variety of colors to be able to choose.  This kind of socket in use, press the panel of the desktop, after the panel pops up, you can see the three plug and two plug jack inside, as well as other jack, such as USB, network, microphone, telephone, HDMI HD, etc.  

tabletop socket

2, Aluminum panel socket  

The surface is made of aluminum alloy, but also after the electroplating process, the structure is divided into aluminum alloy and iron box two parts.  From the aspect of size, mainly divided into 145*130*77mm and 265*130*78mm two specifications.  Because the socket color has two kinds of drawing silver, drawing black, the appearance can easily give a person a kind of high-end atmosphere visual effect.  

The above two are common office tabletop sockets, they are not only practical but also have a certain beauty, belonging to multi-functional sockets.

 tabletop socket

Omni had designed the new power sockets, which is simple, contemporary, and affordable and will help new office solution for the furniture market.