Power strip cable management solution for the office solution

Power strip is a common daily article no matter in life or work, can see its shadow everywhere. 

Its security and ease of use had attracted much attention At present there are many kinds of power strip on the market from the function and styles But in real life, power strip in the use of the process is not satisfactory because of the design defects there are can lead to serious consequences, the power strip has great ease of use in fixed modes, insertion and removal actions, and the interface division room for improvement and optimization.

Power strip cable management solution for the office solution

Electrical equipment in daily life runs almost inseparable from the plug socket it is the bridge between electrical appliances and power supply two-row plug is also a kind of socket is to puts a plurality of plugs together and the formation of a porous socket. Such a combination can multi-purpose, save space already save line again, simple and practical  According to the research of China Market Research Center, the average annual growth of domestic demand for plugs and sockets reached 9%. The plug and socket is one of the most indispensable equipment in our life and work.

Power socket refers to the socket that can be connected to one or more lines. Household appliances can be connected through it

Electricity for use. According to the professional industry website of the row plug industry sales data in recent years to make a specific analysis, they

It is predicted that in the next few years, China's demand market will continue to update and change, which

Power strip cable management solution for the office solution

The reason has much to do with the rapid development of the economy and science and technology. With the rapid development of our country's economy, people's

A large part of the continuous improvement in the quality of material and spiritual life can be attributed to various and ever-present ways

The production of electronic products and household appliances for the benefit and convenience of the people. So that requires people to have more in their homes

Row plug to ensure the daily charging of these electronic products and the normal use of household appliances, so people on the row plug

Requirements from the most simple to be able to use, become more safe, convenient, good performance, fashion and other requirements.

In order to keep up with the changes in user needs, China's plug industry should also be updated and reformed.

The socket is a common kind of daily necessity, whether in the life or the work can see its shadow everywhere, its safety and ease of use have attracted people's attention. At present, various types of plug-in are on the market in the function, and style on a large number of, but in real life, the use of sockets in the process is still not satisfactory, due to the design the defects, which sometimes lead to serious consequences. There is much room for improvement and optimization in the usability of fixed mode, plug action, and interface division.

Omni had designed a new power strip that can be easily installed, a metal housing case power bar for commercial and industrial environments. About this design, it is 120V 60Hz Electrical rating, with material made of aluminum alloy, and with our design, it is easy to install, and mount. Omni design for the power strip would like to change the power solution of the office solution in the office marketing and the power strip brings much more.