Office power solutions for USB C

Nowadays, most mobile phones have a quick charge feature these days, and the USB socket becomes more and more popular in the office furniture market. It seems to be a convenient feature, but charging USB C is it that simple?

USB outlets often don't have enough power to power your phone while charging, which can only slow down your phone's battery drain, but it doesn't give you the thrill of charging. This quick-charging USB socket increases charging efficiency and reduces charging time on the basis of traditional sockets.

In order to solve the problems for the use not only for the mobile phone but also for the computer use in the office solution, Omni had designed a new power socket with USB-C for quick charge use. The power socket with USB-C would have the below advantages :

(1) Smart sockets have been sent in the direction of the wireless charging boom

Exhibition. It is technically possible to add a wireless charging function in smart sockets

Breakthroughs have been made and the charging mode of one to many smart sockets is finally realized.

Office power solutions for USB C

(2) Movable converters carried by some smart sockets, Can expand the range and width of our charging options.

(3) Retractable smart sockets often come with their convenience 

Generally, a fixed socket can be hidden in the socket after use inside the wall, so as to avoid children accidentally touching and causing the risk of electric shock.

For the application for the power socket, we are looking for high-level use and we make clear the market positioning of the intelligent telescopic socket. Suggested coming in

High-end price and main sales in the USA  and other first-tier countries, target consumption

Office power solutions for USB C

The age group was 25-50 years old. This kind of crowd has certain consumption power and

The ability to accept new things is high, and the possibility to decorate the house is the biggest. And smart socket to seize the market is the best occupation of the high-end the market.

The Oval series features outlets that deliver AC power for high-power devices, as a well innovative USB port.

Each USB port utilizes a smart device recognition chip to monitor and independently deliver the required amperage to your devices, charge them in half the time and save more time for users.

Omni focus on the office power solution for more than 10 years and is very popular not only in the US market but also the other areas and the USB-C will be more applications in the world.