Omni Innovative Office Power Solutions

How many years has the shape of the plugboard not changed?

We are losing count. 

In a world where Desk Clamp Power Strip USB C are needed everywhere.

Can't it be smaller?  

A little more functionality?  

More interfaces?  

A higher level of appearance?  


For power modules for desks, in addition to the rich interface, we are most concerned about the security problem, after all, its security is related to our every family.  Omni‘s Desk Clamp Power Strip not only thickens the power cable, but also upgrades the children's safety protection door, so as not to worry about the children at home accidentally poking the electricity, but also to increase the internal high-temperature protection, over current protection, over-voltage protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, and other eight safety protection.  

  Desk Clamp Power Strip USB C

Due to its exquisite shape and small appearance, omni’s Desk Clamp Power Strip can be applied to enough scenarios, whether it is on the desk or sofa, you can regard it as an extended charger with high safety and durability, and even put it next to the TV in the living room is good decoration.  A good product can improve the user's experience and happiness of life.  


Big manufacturers always make very humanized designs in some detail. The plug of Philips Ferris wheel intelligent socket adopts an integrated injection molding design, which greatly improves its safety. The plug has good conductivity, strong hardness and is not easy to damage.  

  Desk Clamp Power Strip USB C

In today's world full of electronic devices, omni’s Desk Clamp Power Strip can meet the needs of users with multiple devices, rich use scenarios, small footprint, and large functions, and is a recommended product, provide a cleaning environment for workspace and be an innovative office power Solutions.