How to choose Desk Mounted Power Outlet?

Interiors have become activated and people work where they land. Bouncing from height-adjustable work surfaces to the casual gatherings centered around softer seating, the common need is still power. So, a good power outlet can bring convenience to our daily work and life.

How to choose Desk Mounted Power Outlet?cid=27

How to choose Desk Mounted Power Outlet?

• Choose from the Installation Mode: Grommet Mount/Clamp Mount/Free Standing, etc

• Choose from the Modules and numbers: AC Outlet Only/AC Outlet + USB/AC Outlet + USB + USB-C/AC Outlet + USB + USB-C + Wireless Charger, etc

•Choose from the Perspective of Safety and Security: without Certification/with Certification (UL/CE/QI, etc) 

• Choose from the Size and Price

Why to choose Clamp Power Strip with QI Wireless Charger?

♦ Easy to remove and install on any position needed

♦ Multifunction to meet different charging needs

♦ QI Certification to provide users with a safer charging experience and quality guarantee

How to choose Desk Mounted Power Outlet?cid=27

What is the best Power Outlet with QI Wireless Charger in 2022?

Without a doubt, it is iPanda from omni:

1. Exquisite appearance with black and white color option

2. Appropriate size with C-clamp installation mode 

3. with 2A1U1C and 3A1U1C module option 

4. with USB-C 65W for PD3.0 & PPS and wireless charging function 

5. with UL/FCC/ROSH/REACH/PRO65 Certificate 

6. with QI Certificate (omni is now the first and only supplier in China that has got the QI membership, ID:11407) 

How to choose Desk Mounted Power Outlet?cid=27

About omni

● Specializing in the export of office furniture since 2002 and of electrical equipment since 2015, omni is a collectivized company of integrated production and marking units. 

● omni owns a total facility size of sixty thousand square meters in China and an After-service Center (OmniMax) in Dallas.

● omni has a wide range of office furniture products and power outlets and can also provide customized services.

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