Are you looking for desk-mounted sockets?

Omni’s desk-mounted sockets comply with the UL certificate. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Desk-mounted sockets with fast USB Charging – Build-in smart charging tech and USB ports will detect your devices automatically and distribute the fastest charge speed.

desk-mounted sockets

The power charge partner service for you, and make your table desk cleaner and more comfortable, strict with safety quality make sure be using great. Omni’s desk-mounted sockets include multi-options, such as 2 outlets, 2 outlets 1 U 1C, 2 outlets 2 U, 3 outlets 1U1C, Ipanda quick charge, and wireless quick charge.

Desk mounted sockets with wireless quick charge.

 The desk mount outlet with the bracket design just tightens up the bracket and it could be installed firmly at the side of your table. Perfect for office use like a workbench, conference table, shelves, etc. Omni’s desk-mounted sockets built-in safety system.