Do you have the trouble of needing to bend over to plug the socket?

When we work in an office or at home, the sockets cannot plug easily. Sometimes we need to bend over to plug the socket. How can we change it?  

Omni desk-mounted sockets can solve this problem. Mounted socket clamp side the desk, convenient the office work and occupies a small desktop area. 

Desk Mounted Sockets

We have various types for you to choose from. For example Oval power and data module. 3A1U1C, 3 power sockets, 1 USB-A, and 1 USB-C. Meet the needs of most people. Material is aluminum of the surface and backside hosing, FR-ABS in front, and side cap. Own UL962A/CUL962A certificate, quality has a guarantee.  

Desk Mounted Sockets

Use desk-mounted sockets, and comfortable your work environment!