Why Surge Protector is Important to Your Power Strip?

Imagine how bad it would be if your expensive electronic device suddenly broke down while charging because you did not choose to buy outlets without the surge protector

Why do we keep repeating to emphasize the importance of a surge protector is essential for the power socket? 

People are no longer satisfied that sockets can only be used to charge mobile phones, but also to meet the changing needs of high-power appliances such as laptops. 

 EU desktop surge protector

The inner design of the laptop is complicated and packed with voltage-sensitive components that a power surge could easily damage. Without the surge protector, an electrical spike could wipe out all your data or render your laptop useless, costing you thousands of dollars...

Consider this, Omni's new releases Hi Triones EU socket was designed with a surge protector to protect your data and also help to extend your electrical device's lifespan and reduce the risk of damage from power fluctuations.