The best power and USB charger for your desk

It's common to run out of charging ports with your PC, microphone, speakers, monitor light bars, and dozens of other small accessories on your work desk. You can always call your local electrician to install a new switchboard with more ports. But it’s not an ideal solution in the long run. Instead, you can get a power strip with USB slots and create the perfect setup at home. So Omni desk clamp power strip with USB ports is a good solution for your power needs.

The best power and USB charger for your desk

omni's Clamp-Mounted power strip is a power strip that gives you easy access to all the outlets and ports you need(with USB A and USB C ports supporting OEM & ODM)

without having to crawl under your desk or add grommet holes to your desktop. 

This convenient little power hub will work with almost any surface and is compatible with USB-A, USB-C, and the Apple brick power adapter. 

Our surge protector is UL/CUL/SAA/CE/FCC/Pro 65 certified and in compliance with national standards of safety, which means that you can be confident that your devices are protected. 

You should already have a reliable surge protector for your expensive electronics. But if you want an easy-to-reach set of outlets for charging laptops and tablets (which you can always plug into a surge protector anyway), check out Omni power strip. It includes 2 or 3 US/EU/AU/UK standard outlets, and USB A and USB C charging ports.

It clamps onto the back or side of your desk for a semi-permanent mount that won’t be knocked back into your nest of cables.

The best power and USB charger for your desk

With multiple AC outlets, USB Type-A, and USB Type-C ports, Omni power strip can be your ideal one-stop charging station on the desk. USB Type-C PD ports ensure fast charging for your smartphones, and the USB-A 3.0 ports should be sufficient to quickly charge your earphones, microphone, smart speaker, and old smartphones. 

Omni desk clamp power strip is small in size and doesn’t offer a braided cable for extra protection. A standard 15-65W USB Type-C port and charges your phone and laptop quickly.

We are a manufacturing supplier for Humanscale. If you need a custom desk clamp power strip, you can contact us directly.