Power strip with USB-C for furniture market

Office furniture is one of the important parts in the furniture market. With the development of science and technology, in the furniture market, the electrical parts become more and more important, including the led lamps and height adjustable tables. Enable to make sure all the parts are working successfully, it would need the power sockets to support the power.

With the addition of the computer and mobile phone, the USB-C becomes more and more important in the furniture market. Omni designs furniture recessed power strip USB-C and can be mounted sockets. Which is ready for commercial and industrial environments. Sufficient for equipment in workshop, garage, office, entertainment center, school, computer lab, and more spaces requiring multiple sockets. The power strip also has a sturdy metal housing case, as its all-metal rugged extruded aluminum housing can better withstand damage from heat to a demanding environment.

wall-mounte powertrip

A good design would also have a new power switch with circuit breaker, and industrial grade metal power strip outlet bar that provides premium surge suppression and overload protection. As desk-mounted sockets, it would help more if it can easy to install.

desk-mounted sockets

Omni designed the power strip which is easy to install with adjustable mounting brackets. A convenient method of mounting power bar on wall-mount or underneath the workbench or desk.

Power strip with USB-C for furniture market

For furniture used in the power strip market, the USB becomes more and more important, the UBS-C is the most important. The USB-IF organization developed the USB-C interface in 2014. It has been recognized by manufacturers including Apple, Google, Intel, and so on. Launch related products in 2015. Compared to traditional USB ports, USB-C had a small size, high integration, easy to use excellent special Sex. Among them, high integration refers to USB-C interface set date transmission, supply electricity, and video. So Omni designs the power socket with USB-C, which will help the users not only use their mobile phones but also the laptop and other electrical parts.