How To Select Clamp power strip For Your Office?

Since Apple pulled the plug on the chargers that came with it, brands have rushed to come up with a variety of chargers.  


Whether it is appearance modeling, volume size, or interface power, fast charging chip, the charger has been upgraded by leaps and bounds, and as consumers, we look very happy.

How to Select Clamp Power Strip for your office?cid=27

In some large companies and offices, employees have very high requirements for access to electricity. Generally, employees should have at least three electrical equipment. Computers, mobile phones and other devices need to be connected to the power supply, but the traditional fixed socket is difficult to meet the demand for electricity.  The most common solution to this problem is to add multiple drag boards.  But the drawbacks of the tow line board are also very obvious, the beauty is not good, and the safety risks are big. The office as a special place with the overall functionality as one, its environment and layout will directly affect the effect of enterprise management and work efficiency, and the enthusiasm of employees to some extent.  

How to Select Clamp Power Strip for your office?cid=27

Imagine, if your office big desktop also embedded in such a long track, small, flexible mobile socket to increase or decrease, no longer need you bend over to find a socket, wires no longer entangled with each other, the mood will be a lot better.

Omni Clamp Power Strip brings a new upgrade to the office desktop, each small local decoration, are thoughtful to meet people's perceptual, instinctive and rational needs for the space environment, for your "war" escort.

High level of appearance, better looking: compared with the monotonous traditional wall socket, Omni Clamp Power Strip - more color design is better looking, more applicable scenes, can play a decorative function.  Abbot can also be customized, customized to your own IP mobile socket, so that personality everywhere.