Do you need a new British Power Plug?

With the market demand, there are indeed a lot of British power plugs on sale in the market, you can easily buy a British power plug from the supermarket, shopping mall, or online. But do you need a new British power plug?

What do we care about most when we buy a power plug? That’s right: Safety and convenience!

Now due to the convenience and safety, Omni's new British Power plug has surge protection, which will make you safe. And the new power plug has 2 British ports,1 USB-C, and 1 USB-A, the USB-C port could support MAX 65W, which means you can charge your laptop directly, very convenient.

desktop power sockets with usb uk

Omni is a professional furniture manufacturing company founded in 2004, and Omni Electric was founded in 2015, being engaged in the production of power sockets for office furniture. We can provide safe and convenient sockets.


Now mobile phones or computers need to be connected at any time, traditional sockets need to use a plug is becoming more and more inconvenient, with USB sockets becoming more and more popular, Omni not only produces USB sockets, but production is also USB-C, supports fast charging. The new British Power plug continuing the Omni advantages also has a Quick charge. Quick Charge(QC) and Power Delivery(PD) are enabled and are perfect for rapid charging smartphones, tablets, and many laptops.

 desktop power sockets with usb uk

Since Omni is also a professional office furniture manufacturer, we exported to the world. We can produce any standard power plug, now we have the new British power plug, to meet the UK market.

We believe British power plugs could make the office or home environment clean, they will be classic best sellers. And we do not stop to develop the new power socket. Now we have a lot of new power plug products, like free-standing power sockets, power strip towers, and mobile strip towers. Welcome to visit our company to find your interested power sockets.