Desktop Outlets are Ideal for Hot Desking Environments

Omni DESK CLAMP MOUNT POWER STRIP, We provide professional office desktop socket and industrial socket equipment, more items is built for business or indoor use. We are very happy to serve our customers with high-quality products and the best services. Omni brand desk clamps power strip, and provide professional desk power solutions.

Desktop outlets are Ideal for Hot Desking Environments

Desktop Modules--Power modules vary in size and features. Smaller models have 2 sockets whereas the larger models can have up to 4. Their color can be customized to suit the office environment; colors include white, grey or black. The desktop modules also feature USB charging stations and data ports as well as power sockets.

Desktop outlets are Ideal for Hot Desking Environments

Desktop electrical sockets are attached to the desk via a removable clamp which is easy to set up. They are high-quality units, with a fast-charge USB port and numerous switches. Sockets are all individually fused, coming complete with power and data leads. They are tested to the most recent safety specifications. Desktop modules are versatile, can be placed anywhere, and are ideal for hot desking environments and charging devices on the go.The convenience of having a plug within reach when you need one!

  • Clamp-mounted power strip.

  • Supply power and tidy your desk.

  • 3 AC outlets and 1*USB-A and USB-C charging ports.

  • Compact and surge protected