Omni’s Desktop Outlet with USB Has Multiple Models

Omni’s desktop outlet with USB has multiple models, including 2A2U, 2A1U1C, 3A2U, 3A1U1C, and wireless quick charger models. Our desktop outlet with USB can be with two or three AC Outlets, matched together with One USB-A port, and one USB-C port.

Omni’s desktop outlet with USB can offer quick charging for cell phone charge anywhere & anytime. Our clamp-mounted power strip suits multiple applications: office, home, hotel, and Public leisure area. These power products have passed the UL, CE, and EMC certificates. They are for durable and safe use. Clamp power strip is perfect for office desk organizing, and attaching to desks, workbench, conference tables, shelves, etc.

Clamp power strip

The desk clamp mounted power strip with the bracket design, tighten up the bracket and it could be installed firmly at the side of your table. Without cutting and drilling, protect your desk. Reliable electrical outlet, in desk design, easy to set up in your home, office, meeting room, desk, wall, and every other place you can imagine. The generous desk recessed power strip features 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, providing people with power sources within reach. No more crawling under the desk to find power strips. Widely used in hotels/offices/homes etc.