Desktop edge power strip is very popular in the market

Omni was founded in 2004, is a professional engaged in office furniture manufacturer, located in Yangzhou and close to Shanghai. Omni Electric was founded in 2015, being engaged in the production of electrical outlets (sockets) for office furniture.we provide professional office power sockets and power solution equipment, more item is built for business and furniture use. We are very happy to serve our customers and offer well-designed products for more cooperation.

Desktop edge power strip is very popular in the market. Available in multiple configurations, omni power strip provides various options for easily powering all types of devices above the work surface.It can be installed on the desktop by a C clamp to meet the power demand of computers, tablets, mobile phones, and notebooks at the same time. 

Desktop edge power strip

Tech devices rule the workday, and with omni Power strips, every desk becomes an inviting place to plug in. USB-C, USB-A, and standard power outlets come together in a variety of configurations and colors. Power strip works above the work surface and below where it provides discreet utility outlets. Everything connects to a single UL-listed cord to the floor.

Featuring no-tool installation, slide the bracket over the side of your desk or table and screw the bottom locking harness into place to secure the module.  C clip installation, through the knob, without any tools can be easily installed, very convenient. In terms of outlets, the unit includes three surge-protected power outlets and two USB inputs. The main power cord is 7 feet long or customized length, so you should have no issue reaching the nearest outlet.

Desktop edge power strip

Power Strip Clamp Mounts Securely on your desktop without drilling . This clamp-on holder for power strips is easy to install without the hassle of drilling into walls or workbenches. Keep AC outlets and USB ports within easy reach of your desk, table or workspace by attaching the c-clamp to any flat surface 0.4 to 2 inches thick. No tools are needed. Just slide the clamps onto the surface’s edge, tighten the adjustment knobs by hand, and snap your surge or power strip into the mounting clip. No More crawling under desks to plug devices into Hard-to-Reach.  Outlets add AC and USB power where you most need it. The desktop edge power strips let you install a power strip or surge protector within an arm’s reach of your chair. The heavy-duty metal clamp accepts most strips 1.6 to 2.4 inches in width. Soft EVA foam pads on the clamp protect your desk from scuffs and scratches. Retrofit existing installations to improve access to outlets add AC outlets and USB ports somewhere new or change the mounting of an existing power to improve access to power. 

Nothing says clean and straightforward like an out-of-sight power strip. Yes, it’s convenient to house a power strip on top of our desks, but sometimes the bulkiness and wire clutter can become a bit too much to handle. Power stays accessible without the tangle for a clean, considerate workspace. Compared with the traditional cable board, the desktop will be cleaner with the C-clamp. That’s why we designed the desk-mounted power strips.