A new power socket with tape-c?

Have you ever noticed that your electrical device always needs to spend a longer time to complete the charging? And you must prepare various data to fit the different tape ports? Do you feel your worktable was a mess and full of a lot of power and data accessories?

You need to buy a new power socket but the most important is this new one must have a tape-c port.

A new power socket with tape-c?cid=27

With the rapid development of modern communication equipment, people have higher requirements for fast charging of mobile phones. In order to adapt to the development needs of the market, many famous brands have also been changed to avoid being eliminated by the market.

The USB-IF Association promotes the unification of industry standards and creates a universal charger Electrical standard, this standard is compatible with the previous protocols of Qualcomm, MTK, Huawei, and OPPO, and has been standardized and supplemented at the same time.

make it a perfect agreement

A new power socket with tape-c?cid=27

The brands in the agreement have successively launched devices with fast charging function, which requires the power socket must to have the tape-C ports. Tape-C port support positive and negative insertion, stronger power transmission, and faster transmission speed.

Omni with its own experience in the electrical industry, release various power socket with Tape-c to fit the market needs and still focuses on creating the ahead product.