RiKong Portable Power Bank SZNY001


  • With a similar volume, Rikong has 1 .5 times the capacity of similar products.

  • Waterproof: IP67 (Can be immersed in 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes).

  • Dropproof: 6 times falling down from a height of 1m (Two built-in vibration dampening plates).

  • The only power bank on the market to achieve the ultimate in heat dissipation.

  • SMT superconductor heat dissipation technology.

  • You can charge your iPhone 10 times, your iPad 4 times, and your Macbook 2 times.

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RiKong Portable Power Bank SZNY001


3years, parts only.

RiKong Portable Power Bank SZNY001
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This product is a portable charging device that can provide charging for digital products such as mobile phones, tablets, e-books, game consoles, etc. It has built-in protection modes such as overcharge and over-discharge, overcurrent, short circuit, and overtemperature protections. It has an IP67 waterproof rating and a safety protection circuit.

Product Model:SZ-NY001
Rated capacity:26000 mAh
Battery:Polymer lithium battery
Product size:78.2x62.6x127.6mm (without silicone rope)
Built-in Battery Capacity:15.4V, 10000mAh, 154Wh
Product weight:800g
Input:USB-C1:5V-3A、9V-3A 12V- 3A、15V-3A、20V-5A
USB-C2: 5V-3A、9V-3A、12V-2.5A、15V-2A、20V-1.5A
USB-C1:5V-3A、9V-3A、12V- 3A、15V-3A、20V- 5A100W Max;
Output:PPS 3.3-11V-3A. 3.3-21V-3A 63W Max
USB-C2: 5V-3A、9V-3A、12V-2.5A、15V-2A、20V-1.5A 30W Max,
PPS 3.3-11V-3A、3.3-21V-1.5A 33W Max
USB-A1/A2 Output: 5V-3A、9V-2A、12V-1.5A 18W Max
USB-C1+USB-C2+(USB-A1+USB-A2):45W+30W+15W:90W Max
C port input power distributionUSB-C1 single port input:100W
USB-C2 single port input:30W
USB-C1+USB-C2 input:65W+30W
Input and outputInput USB-C1:100V;single port output:USB-C2:30W,USB-A1:15W,USB-A2:15W
Input USB-C2:30W;single port output:USB-C1:20W,USB-A1:15W,USB-A2:15W
Input USB-C1:65W,USB-C2:30W;single port output:USB-A1:15W,USB-A2:15W

Package     18*11*7cm/box

RiKong Portable Power Bank SZNY001